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M3 has executed over 200 advisory transactions with 60 real estate companies globally.

Transactions since January 2001:

Northacre PLC transactions

Development Venture £39,000,000  Mar 2003  More >

Co-investment venture consisting of prime central London residential development.

Total Capitalization: £39.0 million1
Number of Properties: 1
Investor: Foreign Investor
Total Equity: £9.1 million
Investor: £8.2 million (90%)
Operator: £0.9 million (10%)
Leverage: 77%2
Term: 3 - 4 Years
Closing Date: March 2003
Press Release: Download
1 Projected gross development cost including financing.
2 Based on no leverage before granting of residential planning permission.
60% loan-to-value leverage is assumed post granting of planning permission.