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M3 has executed over 200 advisory transactions with 60 real estate companies globally.

Transactions since January 2001:

Robert Pattillo Properties transactions

Stabilized Asset Joint Venture $195,000,000  Oct 2002  More >

Co-investment venture of bulk warehouse properties contributed by private company plus a development component.

Total Capitalization: $195.0 million1
Number of Properties: 12
Investor: Foreign Investor
Total Equity: $40.1 million
Investor: $35.7 million (89%)
Operator: $4.4 million (11%)
Leverage: 74%
Term: 7 Years
Closing Date: October 2002
1 Initial capitalization is of the stabilized portfolio only and excludes the
to-be-identified development component. Additional equity will be required
for the development component.