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Our firm’s evolution.

Our success is driven by the continuous interaction of three cornerstone groups, through which we strive to foster long-term trusted advisor relationships: i) leading real estate operators; ii) global institutional investors; and iii) our team.

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In 1991, we began operations as Security Capital Markets Group, an affiliate of Security Capital Group, a U.S.-listed international real estate research, investment and operating management company. Security Capital Markets Group was a specialist real estate advisory firm that provided innovative capital solutions to public and private companies within the ownership of the Security Capital organization. Security Capital Markets Group played an integral role in creating and supporting the growth of several of the world’s leading Real Estate Investment Trusts and operating companies. In 1998, the firm opened its European headquarters in London to provide similar services to Security Capital Group affiliates in Europe.

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In January 2001, Security Capital Group, Macquarie Bank Limited and the management of Security Capital Markets Group formed a strategic partnership, Macquarie Capital Partners, to extend Security Capital Markets Group’s service provision to other specialist real estate companies beyond those owned by Security Capital Group. When Security Capital Group was acquired by GE Capital Corporation in 2002, Macquarie Capital Partners became a joint venture between its management and Macquarie Bank Limited.

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In March 2005, we initiated our principal investment program with the creation of Evergreen Investment Advisors, a wholly owned subsidiary of our firm, which leveraged our property market, structuring and corporate finance expertise. The program was initially capitalized with $500 million of institutional equity.

In January 2007, the firm’s management bought Macquarie Bank’s interest and renamed the firm M3 Capital Partners. We are now wholly owned by our management team.

In October 2008, the firm opened its Hong Kong office to facilitate its existing North and South American, European and Middle Eastern real estate operator and investor clients’ activities in the region and to develop and deepen relationships with existing and emerging Asian institutional investors and real estate operators.

In May 2012, we opened our São Paulo office, to expand our business activities and relationships in Brazil and South America.

Today, we operate as a fully integrated real estate investment and advisory firm with a coordinated global origination and execution platform. Since 2005, we have substantially grown our principal investment business and currently we manage $4.1 billion of institutional equity. To date we have invested in 13 real estate businesses in the U.S., Europe, Asia, Australia and South America, which we manage on an ongoing basis.